Evander Kane Arrested for Criminal Trespass: Latest Details, Comments, Reaction


Buffalo Sabres forward Evander Kane has been arrested on misdemeanor criminal trespass charges, according to the Buffalo News

Kane turned himself in to police in relation to the June incident that reportedly took place at Buffalo’s Bottoms Up bar. The 24-year-old is also being charged with four harassment violations, per WBEN NewsRadio 930AM.

Aaron Besecker of the Buffalo News shared a photo of Kane’s arrest:

Kane has maintained his innocence.

“Without a doubt, he plans to defend himself against these charges,” his attorney, Paul J. Cambria, told Lou Michel, Jane Kwiatkowski Radlich and Dan Herbeck of the Buffalo News.

Per that report, “Kane put his hands on four people at the bar early that morning, including the bouncer and three women, according to police sources. Police allege that Kane yanked the hair and grabbed the throat of one of the women, while trying to push her into his car.”

Kane allegedly refused to leave the bar and, according to the police report, grabbed a woman by the arms and tried to pull her out of the bar. He also allegedly tried to instigate a confrontation with the bouncer.

“The bouncer told him to knock it off,” a source told the Buffalo News regarding Kane’s alleged harassment of the women referenced in the police report. “He put his hands on the bouncer, who could have crushed him, but the guy didn’t want to hurt him. It’s all on tape.”

Kane was investigated for a sexual encounter he had in December 2015, after a woman he spent the night with sought treatment at Erie County Medical Center. He was never charged with a crime in the investigation.

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