Evander Kane Reportedly Will Face Non-Criminal Charges for Bar Incident


Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane has avoided criminal charges stemming from an incident at a Buffalo bar last month.

Per Lou Michel of the Buffalo News, Kane will be charged with non-criminal harassment for allegedly grabbing two women during the altercation. 

Two police sources told Michel that the charges being levied against Kane will be “based on witness statements and surveillance camera video.”

Michel also noted that a third woman who was also allegedly attacked by Kane when he yanked her hair and grabbed her throat has not pressed charges. 

On June 24, per the Buffalo News, Kane’s attorney, Paul J. Cambria, denied that his client was involved in any altercation at the bar: “If there was anything going on there, Evander had nothing to do with it. Evander told me that he was not involved in anything there.”

In Michel’s report, Cambria again defended Kane against the allegations being made:

Evander steadfastly maintains that he did not do anything wrong. We have seen the videos and they do not support that Kane did anything wrong. I am sick and tired of anonymous sources making inflammatory allegations. If you claim something happened, don’t hide in the shadows. Anonymous sources are worthless. The courtroom is where the truth comes out.

Michel added that there is the possibility Kane could face a misdemeanor charge, but “proving intent to impede breathing or blood flow in the neck would be difficult.”

As for the non-criminal charges Kane will reportedly to be facing, Michel noted that individuals do not get fingerprinted or have a mugshot taken. 

The 24-year-old Kane has spent seven seasons in the NHL, playing for the Atlanta Thrashers and Winnipeg Jets before being traded to the Sabres in February 2015.  

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