Buffalo Sabres: Predictions for the Second Half of the 2013-14 Season


The Buffalo Sabres hit the midpoint of their 2013-14 season last night with an embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Wild and former captain Jason Pominville

To say that the Sabres have struggled lately is potentially the understatement of the year. As it stands right now, the Sabres are on pace for 52 points, which would be the lowest total for a full season since the overtime loss point was added after the 2004-05 lockout. 

The Sabres may have safely eclipsed the 1974-75 Washington Capitals‘ record for fewest points (21), but they certainly have a chance at futility in the goals scored department. The 1953-54 Chicago Blackhawks own that record right now, having scored only 133 goals. The Sabres are on pace to score 142 right now, so that record isn’t too far out of the question. 

The funny thing about the 1953-54 Blackhawks? They only played 70 games. 

So with quite possibly the worst season in franchise history half finished, what will the rest of the season bring for the Sabres? 

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