Ryan Miller Glad to Be Back in Buffalo, Open to Remaining


The Buffalo Sabres opened up their 2013 training camp on Wednesday with players reporting for physicals. One of the players returning is goaltender Ryan Miller.

Miller, who has been at the center of trade speculation in and around Buffalo for the better part of the last eight months, said he obviously didn’t know what the future held for him after last season, but he isn’t disappointed with how things have gone. 

“I’m able to do a job in a city I’m familiar with; a city I’m very much at home,” Miller said during his media conference Wednesday morning. “This isn’t a bad situation.”

When asked about if he had ever requested a trade out of Buffalo, Miller openly denied that any such notion happened. 

“I never asked for a trade,” he said. “I didn’t know if it was the best thing for me anyways.

“I signed a deal to be here, and I was committed to seeing it through.”

Miller, like many, thought that the season finale against the New York Islanders in April was going to be his last time donning a Sabres sweater. As he waved to the crowd and spent extra time on the ice after the game, Miller said that he didn’t want to take any chances just in case it did turn out to be his last time on the ice as a Sabre. 

“I didn’t want to risk it,” Miller said. “It was the last game, we weren’t going to the playoffs. I know for a lot of people it was kind of a throwaway game, but it was my 500th game. 

“I really had enjoyed all my time here. I’ve enjoyed the people, I’ve enjoyed the teammates and the organization. I didn’t want to risk leaving town without having the chance to at least wave a few times…I didn’t want to risk leaving town without people knowing how I felt.”

Miller made quite a few references to his love of the city and the community, and with that he remains open to continuing is career beyond this season in the city he’s called home for the past 12 years. 

“I’m not going to close off anything,” he said. 

He added: “Darcy (Regier) has to build a team, and maybe he feels that he wants me here.”

Miller did say, though, that he and the team haven’t had any extension discussions as of late.


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