Does Anyone Like the Buffalo Sabres’ New Alternate Jersey?


The Buffalo Sabres unleashed their new alternate jerseys today and most fans really wished they hadn’t.

After weeks of teasing what the new look would be, the team, along with forward Steve Ott, unveiled the third jerseys they’ll be donning during the year. Get a load of the action here from Ott‘s Twitter account.

A two-toned yellow front and sleeves with a blue cape-like look on the back of the jersey with the Sabres’ main logo as the crest. It’s….something. It’s also getting ravaged online by fans. 

Buffalo’s Facebook page has turned into a commentary minefield, one that’s gotten so ugly some of the comments are being deleted due to their nastiness. Twitter isn’t treating the new look any nicer either.

That’s just a brutal panning of what’s ultimately a pretty ugly jersey. Yellow isn’t exactly a popular color for a jersey, Nashville Predators aside, and the Sabres’ main look was already popular enough as it was. Doing a semi-old school throwback managed to win the fans back after taking a very ugly turn with the “Buffaslug” look.

Will it eventually win over the fans? Judging by today’s outpouring of disdain, it’s looking about as good as these jerseys do.


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