2013 NHL Trade Deadline: Will Jason Pominville Stay with the Buffalo Sabres?


As the time ticks down toward 3 p.m. EST, the anticipation is building to a fever pitch around the potential players on the move at this year’s trade deadline. With only two extremely minor deals being made with about two hours to go, one has to question whether or not this will be the dullest deadline for fans in recent history. 

The same can’t be said about some of the players involved in the talks, however.

The Buffalo Sabres‘ captain, Jason Pominville, has been discussed ad nauseum the past few days as a likely trade target for many teams in need of scoring help. The 30-year old winger has tapered off since his torrid start to the shortened season, but is still capable of scoring 30 goals a year. 

Pominville has all but confirmed he submitted a list of eight teams that he would not accept a trade to earlier in the week to Sabres’ general manager Darcy Regier. Not surprisingly, the list has not been released, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out some of the teams on there.

I’d bet my first born the Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets and Calgary Flames make an appearance, with the Dallas Stars, New York Islanders and Colorado Avalanche being likely candidates as well. 

Entering the realm of speculation, it seems that Columbus would almost certainly be on the list because all signs point to a deal already being done by now if they weren’t. Columbus GM Jarmo Kekalainen has said they are shopping one of their three first-round picks for some scoring help—likely the Los Angeles Kings‘ from the Jeff Cater trade. 

So, where are the potential landing spots for Pominville? Respected Minnesota Wild writer Michael Russo has said that Wild GM Cliff Fletcher has made at least one call to Regier inquiring about Pominville

Other potential teams, based solely on the need, are the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and the Montreal Canadiens, but it’s highly unlikely the Sabres will trade their captain to a division rival. 

Through all the speculation going on right now, there is one thing that is for certain: Pominville‘s price is high. That may lead other teams to look at the Sabres’ second option in Drew Stafford who certainly isn’t worth a first-round pick, but could be the next-best option for many of these goal-hungry squads.

Stay tuned, Sabres fans. This could get interesting. 

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