Buffalo Sabres: 3 Ways NHL Lockout Would Affect the Squad


Hearing the phrase “NHL lockout” again is maddening. For a team like the Buffalo Sabres, it means the promise of a new season is on hold. To think that this would actually be a positive for any team is nonsense.

The Sabres badly need this situation to sort itself out. They’re hungry to erase the disappointment that’s still lingering from last year. 

They’re in a unique situation that doesn’t come around often. That’s because they’ve made the necessary moves to basically be able to reinvent this squad. 

Yet none of this matters if there are no games to be played. The Sabres won’t have the chance to get out from under the cloud they brought on themselves after they let Milan Lucic steamroll their goalie.

Again, looking at any positive in this is impossible. Ahead we’re going to discuss three ways the 2012-13 version of the Buffalo Sabres will be negatively affected by this work stoppage.

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