Buffalo Sabres: Derek Roy Needs to Be Traded Before 2012 Season


After another unsuccessful run to the playoffs, the Sabres need to make changes to the core of their team. 

Trading Derek Roy would be a start.

There’s numerous reasons why this would be beneficial, but there are three main points that need to be addressed.


His Numbers are Falling

This is the biggest reason to make the move. Each of his last three full seasons (2008, 2009, 2011), Roy’s numbers have dropped. The biggest drop was seen this past season when he fell from 69 points in 2009 to 44 points in 2011 (he missed most of 2010 with an injury). In addition, he was a minus-seven this year while he was on the ice.

With Derek Roy being 29 years old, his statistical numbers should not be seeing such a drop at this point in his career.

His numbers peaked in the 2007-08 season when he was a point-per-game center, and they have dipped ever since. Building a team around a player like Roy will not help the Sabres build a successful team for years to come.


He Isn’t a Leader

After the departure of Briere, Drury and Campbell, the Sabres were left without a real captain. Some people believed that Roy should/could step up and become a leader after learning from the core players that had moved on. They were wrong.


Roy has consistently been spotted partying during the season along with not holding players accountable for their mistakes.

A good leader will place the game above everything else in life and make sure his teammates are doing the same. Accountability is one major asset of a leader, and Roy has always lacked that in his game.


There’s Still Some Value

As seen in the Dustin Penner trade last season, there’s still value for a forward/center like Roy. Since he was a point-per-game center at one point, some teams may believe that a change of scenery will return him to his old style of play.

While I don’t believe that is the case, it did happen with Dustin Penner. He was a 28-year-old winger last season when the Oilers moved him to the Los Angeles Kings. After another disappointing season for the winger, the Kings took a chance on him by moving a first- and third-round pick along with Colton Teubert to the Oilers for Penner. Teubert, a defenseman, was the 13th overall pick in the 2008 draft.

Penner was dealt on February 28th and was owed $4.25 million by the Oilers that season.

With Roy being a potential No. 2 center for a team and being owed $4 million per season, I could see a team moving a second, third- or fourth-round pick and a prospect such as Teubert to acquire Roy.

For the Sabres, who are trying to build a young, physical team that can make the playoffs year after year, making a trade like this could really help.

With the emergence of Ennis and acquisition of Hodgson, the Sabres already have two centers ready to play. Leino can play the position as well if need be. That leaves only the fourth-line center to fill heading into next season.  

Although some fans still prefer to keep Roy, losing his 44 points wouldn’t hurt that much at all.


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