One-on-One with Buffalo Sabres Captain Jason Pominville


After being named the 13th captain in Buffalo Sabres history, Jason Pominville has played an important role over his seven-year career with the Sabres.

Pominville’s on-ice vision and offensive creativity are a few reasons why he’s one of the most consistent players each year.

Bleacher Report talked with Pominville on the following topics:



“It means a lot to be the captain of the Sabres. It’s a huge honor to represent the organization both on and off the ice.”

“There’s a tremendous amount of history surrounding the Sabres, and to wear the “C” with pride means the world to me.”


Goal/game never to forget

“The overtime goal against the Ottawa Senators in Game 5 in 2006 to send our club to the Eastern Conference Finals to face the Carolina Hurricanes.

“As a team, though, Danny Briere’s overtime goal in Game 6 against the Hurricanes to force Game 7 was an emotion that was indescribable and will forever be one of the greatest moments I have experienced in hockey.”


Opening this season in Europe

“It was a good experience. It was a bonding experience that benefited our club. The trip helped us build chemistry and we won both games so it made it even more enjoyable.”


Lindy Ruff

“Lindy is an honest coach. He tries to get the best out of his players each game and pushes his players to get better.”

“His communication has always been great with his players, which is the reason why he has been coaching in the league for so long. His coaching style has helped his players and the organization to thrive each season.”


Growing up in Quebec

“I grew up in the Montreal area, so there was hockey everywhere. With my father being an ex-professional hockey player, I was always a part of hockey.”

“Montreal is one of the biggest hockey markets in the world and it was fun to follow the Canadiens growing up.”


Best team the Sabres have faced this season

“The best is the Bruins. They are the defending champions and are strong at every position.”


Eastern Conference race

“Just about every team is in contention to make the playoffs in the East. Our club is battling for a playoff spot.”

“A team can climb quickly up the standings if they get on a winning streak. It’s going to be a battle from here on.”


Buffalo as a hockey town

“We have awesome fans in Buffalo. It’s a great market for hockey. Fans know the game and enjoy watching our organization play.”

“We get a lot of support from the fans throughout the season. We’re popular throughout the city and it’s a fun place to play.”

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