Ryan Miller/Jordin Tootoo Fight Video: Watch Sabres Beat Down on Predators’ Star


Ryan Miller is one of the best goalies in the NHL, but recent history also has him as one of the most targeted. And I don’t mean shots, either.

The Buffalo Sabres star netminder has become the center of attention after being crushed on Saturday night against the Nashville Predators by forward Jordin Tootoo.

The play starts with Tootoo skating into the Buffalo zone and rushing the net in a normal third- or fourth-line crash-the-net scenario.

Where the problem starts is when Tootoo tries to turn east-to-west in front of the goalie for a shot. The defenseman has him scouted and pushes him to the outside.

That means Tootoo smashes right into Miller. While I believe he could have slowed up, the Sabres defender doesn’t help Miller much by driving the Predator hard to the net.

Either way, the Sabres are absolutely furious, but none more than Miller himself. The recently concussed goalie unleashes all his aggression on Tootoo. Three Sabres just beat down on Tootoo for a few seconds before any Predators can get there to help.

While the hit and subsequent brawl that ensued will be looked at in terms of possible suspensions, this is not a good situation for the Buffalo Sabres.

This was Miller’s first game back from a concussion he sustained when Bruins forward Milan Lucic leveled him outside his crease.

While it’s hard to argue that anything Lucic did was wrong because Miller was in open ice, the hit gave a concussion that it appears other teams may be aiming for.


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