Nathan Gerbe Video: Watch Sabres Stud Take a Skate to the Grill


There may be nothing scarier in the sports world then taking a razor-sharp ice skate to the face and/or neck. Simply horrifying.

That’s the reality Buffalo Sabres forward Nathan Gerbe faced Friday night when his teammate Paul Gaustad fell and his skate clipped Gerbe’s face.

Gerbe immediately grabbed his face and rushed off the ice where he was met by the trainers who looked at him and took him into the locker room.

While this could have been a tragic story, it wasn’t nearly as serious as it could have been.

NHL Network’s David Amber is reporting about Gerbe’s status on Twitter:

Update on #Sabres Gerbe- reports say nose and lip cut by Gaustad skate- considered day to day

It goes to show that hockey players are the toughest athletes in all of professional sports. You can tell me about Ray Lewis all day, but until he plays through cutting his face with a giant blade, I’ll take the NHL.

Gerbe stands at just 5’5”. While I am glad this hasn’t happened before, I am surprised. With Gerbe’s height, you would think that he would have a better chance of getting hit with a skate in a melee like we saw Friday.

This whole ordeal is just more proof that the NHL should mandate shields, but not stop the development there. Look at full cages and neck protection that isn’t bulky that players can get behind.

Safety is important in every sport, but in a sport where the players have razor blades attached to their feet, there has to be never-ending search for perfect safety.


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