2011 NHL Playoffs: 10 Bold Predictions for the Buffalo Sabres


While many consider the Sabres to be a one and done team in the playoffs, I have to respectfully disagree.   After watching the first period and part of the second in their first round match up with the Philadelphia Flyers, I am confident that my “10 Bold Predictions” are indeed true to form.  The pivotal point in just about every one of these predictions is one person – Terry Pegula.

The emergence of an owner who is the antithesis of his predecessor and someone who is not only reaching out to the fan base but to the players as well is creating an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.  He is developing an environment where people want to be and like any good employer, he understands that valuing your employees benefits everyone and provides a ripple effect that will have infinite returns. 

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