A New Day Will Dawn for the Buffalo Sabres Under Terry Pegula


The long-anticipated day is here for Buffalo Sabres fans. Terry Pegula will become the fifth owner of the franchise.

And not a minute too soon for the Sabres’ faithful.

As fans reminisce about how former owner Tom Gallasino saved this team from its demise, they can also look forward to what the future may hold under new ownership.

For all intents and purposes, it will be the last season in the front office for people like general manager Darcy Regier and managing partner Larry Quinn.

Over the last three seasons, fans have watched the exodus of quality players from the team, while very little was ever brought back to replace them in terms of talent.

The days of tremendously overpaying their own players with huge contracts and handcuffing the team financially may finally be over.

It’s no secret that Regier and Quinn have tapped this team of most of its young talent playing in the minor leagues and have not had any scoring depth for years now.

Most of this falls back on the cost-cutting measures under which Quinn and Regierwere were forced to work.

No longer having actual scouts and leaving the scouting duties up to video scouting was a horrible if not fatal blow to the franchise.

I am not saying players like Zack Kassian and Marcus Foligno may not become quality players in the NHL someday, but the system was flawed.

Looking over the draft picks they have had since 2005, one could easily assume the video scouting has been a costly mistake made by this franchise.

All of this may change under the new guidance of Pegula.

Rumor has it that Pegula is a very smart business man with a love for the game of hockey. Some of his latest comments regarding how “we are going to win the Stanley Cup” are still being replayed throughout Buffalo.

Fans can assume he will not accept mediocrity as the norm for his team—as it has been the last three years—or front office personnel that collect huge salaries despite their inept abilities to run the team.

There is no doubt Pegula is going to have to do some serious rebuilding of every facet of owning a hockey team.

From players to coaching staff to front office, changes will be made. That said, I like the chances of a guy who is a hockey fan as well as a good business man and a proven winner at everything he has ever done in his professional life.

So Buffalo Sabres fans, I assure you that Tuesday, February 22, 2011 will be a day you will not soon forget.  



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