Buffalo Sabres: Done Deal—NHL Board Of Governors Approves Sale to Terry Pegula


While many other teams in the National Hockey League have been causing quite a stir today via trades, the Buffalo Sabres have made some noise of their own.

The sale of the Buffalo Sabres to the deep-pocketed Terry Pegula has been officially approved by the NHL Board of Governors.

If the idea of the Sabres jumping into the top eight wasn’t enough to excite the HSBC crowd, then this news will certainly charge up the joint.

For about a month now, Sabres fans have been having daily conversations about who is going to stay and who will be fired once Mr. Pegula takes over.

There is a general sense that Terry Pegula, who is a huge Buffalo Sabres fan, will be very aggressive at the trade deadline which is just over a week away, but only time will tell on that matter.

However, I will leave you with one quote from Mr. Pegula: “We’re going to win the Stanley Cup, and then you know what, we’re going to win it again.”

And that my friends is enough for me.

Enjoy the game.

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