Buffalo Sabres Out To Get Revenge on Chicago Blackhawks


Prepare for a blood bath Saturday night when the Buffalo Sabres travel to Chicago to play the Blackhawks. Maybe that is what the NHL wanted.

Niklas Hjalmarsson of the Blackhawks was officially suspended for two games by the NHL for a hit on Buffalo’s Jason Pominville during Monday’s game in Buffalo.

Conveniently for the NHL, his two game suspension ends on Saturday when the Buffalo Sabres come to town.

Pominville suffered a concussion and received stitches above his left eye after his head hit the glass. Many of the Sabres feel that the two game suspension is not sufficient to the damage he caused.

”If I had to play commissioner, I would have went more,” Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff told the Buffalo News. ”Two games isn’t a long time sitting in their case. They play a couple games this week and it’s over in three days.”

Sabres goalie Ryan Miller said, “You can’t have a hit like that, it’s dangerous. I’m glad he admitted he didn’t mean to do it. But you’ve got to change the culture some time, and I hope the league wakes up and sets a precedent for the year.”

Patrick Kaleta of the Sabres wants to take it into his own hands, ”It’ll get taken care of either with the league or I think we play them Saturday, so we’ll make a point that you can’t be taking hits like that against one of our leaders and one of the better players on our team.”

There is no doubting the NHL is a dangerous sport, and even as a Sabres fan, looking at the hit I have seen much worse.

The fact is this was a hit Hjalmarsson did not have to take, but that is hockey. Now the Chicago Blackhawks have to deal with the Buffalo Sabres coming to town looking for his or anyone’s head on a platter.

While the Sabres may down play the revenge factor, it is something like this that can bring a team together and create that chemistry that is needed for the season.

More importantly, shame on the NHL for allowing this to happen.

This is not the MMA or Boxing, this is the National Hockey League. For someone not to look and see that they play the Sabres when Hjalmarsson comes back is unforgivable.

It makes it obvious that the NHL wanted this to happen as they continue to struggle for ratings with the NFL season and MLB postseason.

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