Strike Three Darcy: The Tale of the Bumbling GM


I’ve got three words for you Darcy Regier: You blew it.

Buffalo Sabres fans are a loyal bunch. They’ll argue in an Elmwood bar until 4 a.m. on how the team is on the right track.

They’ll fill up opposing arenas to get an extra glimpse of their beloved blue and gold. 

But most of all? They’re loyal to their own.

Tim Kennedy was born and raised in Buffalo. He played South Buffalo’s own Bishop Timon in high school. He turned down the OHL to stay home a bit longer. 

He even went to Michigan State, the most Buffalo-friendly Division I hockey program one can find. 

Yet, despite all the hometown ties and the undeniable potential, you decide that the best move for the franchise is to cut him loose?


The Buffalo fan base has been scratching at your door since you let Danny Briere and Chris Drury leave town in 2007. The relationship has grown even more fragile given your apparent inability to do anything positive aside from saving Tom Golisano some money. 

So now you throw this mob another reason to come kicking at your door? All this for $200,000? Yes $200,000, not the brilliantly derived $700,000 you claimed to be saving during your press conference Tuesday. 

You just lost at least that much in ticket sales, Darcy. I hope you and Larry Quinn are happy. 

So now, not only have you robbed the team of a promising young player, you’ve gone ahead and made it worse.

Again. For the umteenth this offseason, you have downgraded our roster. 

I understand not wanting to pay departed D-men Henrik Tallinder and Tony Lydman $3 million a piece. But then to turn around and pay Jordan Leopold $3 million? That’s a downgrade if you ask me. 

Add on yesterday’s signing of Shaone Morrisonn, whom, given his $1.975 million salary last year, is probably making at least that much, and possibly as much as $2.3 million.

Congratulations Darcy, you saved $700,000 on two mediocre defensemen. 

Now consider the fact that Derek Roy and Tim Connolly are still on the roster. 

Seriously Darcy?

Rumors are abound that the Flames are interested in Connolly, among others, in exchange for Robin Regehr. 

If this is true, what’s the holdup?

Maybe the holdup, Darcy, is that no one wants to come play here under the type of team you run.

Maybe players like to know that their GM has their backs. That he can be counted on to keep the team relevant. Not to mention keep players, like Tim Kennedy, who play with more heart than talent. 

With this Kennedy move being the straw that broke the camels back for many Buffalo fans, few things can possibly make this right. Seeing the names Savard or Kaberle on the back of a Sabres jersey in October may be the only hope you have left Darcy. 

Let’s just say that this loyal Buffalo fan is considering whether or not to support your half-hearted managing any more.

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