Buffalo Sports Teams: Stop Taking Advantage of Your Fans


Let me begin by saying that this article is purely opinion. Although I feel I have valid points, there is no actual evidence to say that the Buffalo Bills or Buffalo Sabres as organizations are taking advantage of their fans. That being said, to Buffalo sports teams I say, please, stop taking advantage of us and give us something to cheer about.

Every year we watch our sports teams flounder and crash on their way to a championship.

It has been 10 years since the Buffalo Bills even made the playoffs, and no major Buffalo Sports team has ever won their league championship (No, the Bills two AFL Championships do not count).

We have come close time and time again and have been disappointed each and every time. Some of these disappointment are simply fate. Wide right—the Music City Miracle—no goal—these are luck and human error plays that cannot be blamed on management.

Where the blame begins is with the makeup of these teams themselves. For years, Buffalo sports teams have made poor personnel decisions. This current offseason highlights my frustrations, and the frustration of millions of Buffalonians.

Going into the current NFL offseason, the Buffalo Bills were in the process of rebuilding. They were coming off a 6-10 season and had few upside players on their roster. Those few upsides include depth at running back. The Bills had two viable starting running backs to work with they just needed—well everything else.

So what should the bills do with their ninth overall selection? Take a quarterback to throw the ball to Lee Evans and make it less obvious that we’re going to run on every play? A lineman to block for the backs and protect or mediocre quarterbacks? A defender to plug up the holes in our defense (although I think our defense would be tops in the league if they weren’t on the field for 90 percent of the game)?

No. They took a tailback. The one position we already had depth at. Ok, so since the draft is a bust, how about free agency? Did the Bills sign anybody there? Of course not. How about our new coaching staff? Who is Chan Gailey?

Clearly, we cannot rely on the Bills to create excitement so let’s turn to the Sabres and the focus of the majority of my anger in Buffalo Sports.

Two Words: Darcy Regier.

Yes, the general manager of the Buffalo Sabres, Darcy John Regier is, in my opinion, the worst administrative professional in all of sports. Regier is responsible for the loss of such players as Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, Brian Campbell, Clarke MacArthur, J.P. Dumont, and Martin Biron for little, or no, compensation.

Drury and Briere, the emotional and scoring leaders of the Buffalo Sabres both left in free agency in the same year. Briere was not even offered a contract. Martin Biron was, at the time, the Sabres starting goaltender and one of the best in the NHL. He was traded for a mere second round pick in the entry draft.

Regier almost refuses to do anything to improve the Sabres in any way. This year alone, he let two of our best defensemen leave in free agency and replaced them with just mediocre young defensemen and the aged Rob Niedermeyer who will most likely retire soon. He resigned Patrick Lalime instead of getting Vexzina winner Ryan Miller a viable back up. Now, Miller has to play 70 plus games a year and is burnt out by the time the playoffs rolled around.

He made no effort to add scoring despite the Sabres pathetic offensive efforts in 09-10.

Regiers efforts as GM have been nothing short of pathetic, and this man should have been fired years ago. The only reason he hasn’t is because the owner Tom Golisano is in it for the money and Regier saves him money by never improving the team.

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