Mike Grier Wanted to Stay in Buffalo This Time Around


In the summer of 2006, Sabres forward Mike Grier wasn’t sure on the direction the Sabres were going and chose to leave, signing a three year deal with the San Jose Sharks.

This year, six weeks before free agency, Grier has been re-signed by the Sabres at his request.

He knew right after the playoffs that this was the team he belonged on.

The Sabres agreed to a one-year contract with the 35-year-old veteran who brings experience and knowledge to a young and promising team.

Grier scored 10 goals and had 22 points in 73 games for Buffalo this past season, but exploded in the playoffs, taking 19 shots, tied for second on the team. At times he looked as if he was 21 again with the speed and excitement he showed. He came away with two goals and led the team with 33 hits in the six-game loss to exit the playoffs. 

When Coach Lindy Ruff was asked about the veterans in the series his response was “They cherish the opportunity to be in the postseason and the chance to win it, I think they realize at this point in their game that they are not going to have many more chances. It’s a great lesson for the younger players.”

Since at times during the season Grier seemed to disappear some may question the signing. Remember, he did lead one of the top penalty kill units in the NHL and provides leadership that we don’t see unless we are in the locker room.

Some may think Grier deserves the “C” on his chest for this upcoming season. While the signing is a positive move for a young Buffalo team how could anyone put a “C” on his chest when he left us the first time?




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