For the Buffalo Sabres, the Condensed Schedule Is a Problem


This year, the NHL is using a condensed schedule. Every team is playing more games on back-to-back days, especially on the weekends.

One of the things that people don’t usually think about when it comes to the condensed schedule is practice. However, that’s just the thing that the Sabres need right now.

They haven’t been playing terribly during the season since they’re third in the conference and first in the division. However, they have a terrible power play.

It’s 27th in the league with a success rate of 15.8 percent. That’s just the thing that the Sabres need to work on.

The problem is the condensed schedule. They are not getting enough practice time to effectively work on their power play. Instead, they are being forced into more games, and their numbers are getting worse.

However, I don’t see what can be done. We pretty much need a condensed schedule this season with the Olympics coming up. We wouldn’t want to play the regular season until the end of April.

Neither would we be able to crown a Stanley Cup Champion until mid-June, which would screw up the draft.

I think that the Sabres just need to work on whatever they can during pregame and take what practice time they can get.

Hopefully this will get better over the next few weeks and the Sabres will be able to start turning around their power play.

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