Ryan Miller: Is There Any Question Who Team USA’s No. 1 Goalie Is?


At the beginning of this hockey season, the talk was not who was going to be the net minders for Team USA in the upcoming Olympics, but rather who would be the starter. Goaltender Ryan Miller has answered that question for everyone.

At the end of the 2008-2009 season, questions started to surface about just how “great” Miller could be. Or even if he was a franchise goaltender.

But those questions have now since all fallen by the wayside as Miller has shown his previous season was merely a blip on the radar.

As the season began Miller looked like a new man between the pipes. His footwork had gotten better, his confidence was soaring, and most important his success has never been better.

At this point of the season Ryan is leading the NHL in wins, save percentage,and goals against average. And is one shutout out of leading that category as well.

Know as a very cerebral goaltender, Miller is the kind of player that can get himself into a zone where his is almost unbeatable most nights. And as a spirited competitor he also wants to avenge any loses or poor outings right away by playing the next game.

As Buffalo fans continue hearing the announcers call “Miller robbed him blind,” the coaches for team USA will have very little to think about when on Jan. 1. they name their starting goaltender for the Olympics.

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