Coming Out Of Nowhere: The Rise Of Steve Montador in Buffalo


When the Buffalo Sabres this past offseason announced that they had signed defense men Steve Montador, I thought to myself—Okay, not a bad seventh D-man; maybe sixth, if injuries happen. Probably see 10 minutes a night in ice time .

I can’t think that anyone even the Buffalo Sabres thought any different.

But what a pleasant surprise Montador has been to the Buffalo Sabres blue line. Not only is he logging a very modest amount of ice time—around 17 minutes a night—but it is possible to argue that he has never played better in his career.

Montador is known as that character guy in the locker room. Not exactly the most gifted on the ice, but what he lacks in talent he makes up for with heart. Already, Sabres fans have gotten to witness first hand how Montador sticks up for his team mates even if it means getting his head beat in.

This is something the Sabres have been lacking for years now. Teams have to be aware that it is not going to be so easy to run into or bump goaltender Ryan Miller without having to answer the bell for their actions.

Is it any coincidence that goaltender Ryan Miller is having a giant bounce back season from last year? I think not. Personally, it is players like Montador that make Miller able to find his comfort zone in the crease.

Wednesday night Montador scored his first goal as a Buffalo Sabre. It was very fitting for a guy who has come to this team and shown what it means to play with heart and passion. My prediction is that Montador will soon become a fan favorite among the Sabres community in the very near future.

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