Top Animal-Related Incidents in Pro Sports


Here’s my top three animal deaths over the past 35 years. I couldn’t pick one over the other…you be the judge.

Sabres‘ Jim Lorentz Bat-Fog Game – 1975

Considered by many at the time an evil omen, in game three of the 1974/75 Stanley Cup Finals, Jim Lorentz swatted a bat out of the air with his stick. Later that game would later be known as the fog game for the ridiculously thick fog due to an unusually hot Buffalo May.

Randy Johnson Hits Bird With Pitch – 2001

What are the odds a bird, or dove, whatever it was flies into a 100 mph Johnson pitch or the other way around? Will we ever see this again? Allegedly there was a seagull hit in the minors, Buffalo go figure. And there was another video of German Michael Ballack hitting a bird in shooting practice before a match.

Manu Ginobili Kills the Bat – 2009

Halloween night + bat + AT&T Center + Manu = another dead bat! Unlike Lorentz, Ginobili swatted the bat out of the air with his bare hands, picks it up and passes it to some poor donk on the baseline.

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