What’s The Buffalo Sabres Hold Up Retiring Haseks No. 39


In my opinion Dominik Hasek is the greatest Buffalo Sabre ever. However in almost everyone else’s opinion Hasek is second best after Gilbert Perrault. In Hasek’s time with the Sabres he amassed six Vezina trophies (tied for 2nd all time), two Hart Trophies (most ever by a goalie), two Lester B. Pearson Awards (most ever by a goalie), and legions of fans. He also went on to win two Stanley Cups with the Detroit Red Wings.

So why is it that with all those trophies and the fact that he led them to Stanley Cup final despite a less than spectacular team in front of him he still didn’t get his number retired last year? I understand that he wasn’t exactly Steve Yzerman as a teammate but come on. He’ll be in the Hall of Fame without a doubt and he’s easily the third best goalie in the post expansion era if not better.

His slinky for a spine, unmatched intensity, and his self invented and perfected style made him one of the few players that helped fill buildings themselves. Hasek brought the fans back to Buffalo after what seemed like a lifetime of subpar play.

All this for a 4th round pick and a goalie that never played a single game in the NHL!

The Canadians raised Roy’s 33 to the rafters despite a dreadful exit. Why can’t the Sabres honor there past and do the same?


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