Michael Peca: An Open Letter


Dear Mike,

Within a few days the Buffalo Sabres will be starting the 2009-2010 NHL season with a major issue that has not been fully addressed this offseason. A lack of veteran leadership plagues the young Sabres.

In my opinion your the perfect guy to fill this role.

I realize that the Sabres probably have not contacted you, but why don’t you contact them?

Back in 1995-96 there was a guy you know very well named Randy Burridge.

On opening day, Randy showed up to Sabres training camp and asked for a tryout ( I don’t have to get into too many details because you were there).

John Mucker and Ted Nolan granted Randy an opportunity to earn his way on the team, not anticipatiing the true impact and leadership he ended up providing to the team .

That training camp and preseason Randy by far was the best player on the ice.  He felt he had something to prove. As you know, Randy made the team and not only scored 25 goals that season…but became one of the role models and leaders that Ted Nolan built his team around.

Ted said countless times that year that Burridge was the “guy” he wanted his players to emulate on the ice.

Randy was a guy that gave 100% effort on every shift, every night, and provided leadership to a young team finding its way.

Mike, now is your chance to be the guy willing to lay it on the line. You have an opportunity to become “that guy” that Lindy will want his young players to emulate, a role model to build a team around.

Be the guy that brings 100% every time he steps on the ice and exceeds the expectations of his teammates, coaches, and fans. Don’t sit back & wait. Seize the moment…. and take back your rightful place, as one of the Sabres greatest impact players of all time.

I hope you get a chance to read this letter…..and I hope we see you Saturday when training camp begins.

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