What The Signing Of Mike Grier Means To The Buffalo Sabres


The Buffalo Sabres shocked most of their fans on Monday signing free agent Mike Grier to a one year, 1.25 million dollar contract.

Sabres fans will never forget Grier’s words on his way out of Buffalo after the 05-06 season. 

“I don’t like the direction this team is going in.”

At the time, it seemed like a strong statement being made by the right winger. But now after 3 seasons away from Buffalo, Grier is singing a different tune.

The reacquired right winger was interviewed this morning on WGR 550 am, and his comments were a completely about saving face from just three seasons ago with departing.  

“I like that they have some of their young players locked up”. players like Ryan Miller, Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek, and Jason Pominville.”

The problem with me lies in the fact that for the season of 2006-2007 the Buffalo Sabres have underachieved vastly. The front office has taken heat from fans and media alike for some of the contracts handed out to these young players as well as letting some key players walk away to become unrestricted free agents.

So how is Grier so comfortable with the direction of the team?

My money lies directly on the fact that Mike Grier found it difficult to land new jobs as any free agents have this offseason. Sabres fans should still be happy a guy like Grier has decided to sign back with Buffalo for two reasons though.

Mike Grier brings instant leadership to this team. He will, in my humble opinion, be wearing the A right off the bat for Buffalo.

Not known for his scoring prowess, Grier is the kind of player you do not catch taking shifts off. He has a knack for going into those corners, getting his nose dirty, and getting the puck. He expects a lot from himself as well as his team mates.

Mike Grier also brings much needed size to a very small and somewhat fragile right wing position. Grier will be winging a top two line and making his money on the penalty kill. Another facet of his game that is top notch.

So for all the questions I have had the last two days about the way Mike Grier left, I will sure welcome him back to Buffalo and let bygones be bygones.

Hopefully, the Buffalo media will do the same.

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