Hockey Rumor Buzz Volume 12: Buffalo Sabres to Bring Back Miroslav Satan


The latest information to hit my desk!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! This next piece if inside information will make you excited, whether or not you’re a fan of the Buffalo Sabres.

Before I get to the actual info, let me say that I wanted so badly to keep the title of this article short by omitting the “Miroslav,” but how strange would a headline be if it read, “Buffalo Sabres to Bring Back Satan”?

Next thing you know, people would be accusing me of calling Tom Golisano, an occult leader and disciple of Anton LaVey. But that’s beside the point. To the rumor we go!

One time Buffalo Sabre winger Miroslav Satan is quietly still on the free agent market with no place to call home.

The Penguins will not bring him back and there are no teams seriously interested in him. Our source close to Sabres management has informed us that they are making a serious push for Satan.

He will come at an affordable rate and can still put the puck in the net. It is expected the Sabres will go all out to land this free agent.

Satan to Buffalo: HRB 5


By Leopold

HRB Correspondent

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