Curse Busting: Relief From ‘In The Crease,’ Says ‘Brave Throat’


If you’re old enough to remember Deep Throat (the Watergate figure or the movie) you’re old enough to get the allusion, when I identify the mystery man who’s been contacting me about the Buffalo curse.  

I call him Brave Throat. He’s been saying there’s a connection between the Braves leaving town the way they did and “Wide Right” and “In the Crease” and the record-setting futility of the franchise that left Buffalo to become the Clippers.

Perhaps you’ve seen the article at by Bill Simmons that blames everything that went wrong with the Braves/Clippers franchise to the curse of the Indians.

He says that because the team was called the Braves to honor the Indians, and the Buffalo icon, the most sacred symbol for Native Americans, was included in the Braves logo, that as soon as Paul Snyder started talking about moving the Braves out of town in 1977, all hell broke loose for the franchise.

My new best friend, Brave Throat, says there’s a lot of truth to Simmons’ theory, but there’s more to it than even that. (See my previous article, Breaking the Wide Right Curse…)

So what if he’s right. What if tearing down the Aud has released the tormented spirit of the Braves franchise? What if now that they’re out in the world, they can work their magic, bringing the franchise back to Buffalo and bringing a Super Bowl title, a Stanley Cup and yes, also an NBA crown to the city all in the same year?

If you haven’t read my column about my first interview with Brave Throat, follow the link above and get up to speed. Then follow the link below to the second interview.

The universe is realigning.

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