Twas The Night Before Free Agency (HUMOR)


Twas the night before NHL Free Agency, tomorrow a day filled with wows

no player was more eager, than in the Heatley house.


The managers evaluated their free agents with care,

in hopes that their acquisitions would bring a cup this year.


Gary Bettman was nestled, all snug in his bed

for he’s only happy no team’s in Hamilton.


And in the town, that bares the leaf

Brian Burke brings the 42-year-old cup drought fans relief.


When out on this day we expect contracts to shatter

and our old buddy Eklund for bringing crazy rumor chatter. (the guys nuts)


Away to the teams, these players go oh so fast

all who hope their former salaries are now surpassed.


For each players destination, for no body knows

for only the biggest contract, is where that player will go. (so true)


When, what to my wondering eyes should appear

Brian Burke and Bob Gainey, fighting up there!


With a loud booming voice, so fiery and loud

one only knew that Glen Sather was around.


More rapid than ever, the GM’s a’came

all playing the newly acquainted Heatley game.


“Once Thrasher! now Senator! Now leaving for new!

“On fire he twas!” shouted the Bidders adieu!


To the front of the league! To the Top of the scoring of all!

Now come to us, come to us Danny, and end this rugged brawl!


Then Mr. Bettman sprang to his phones, to his managers gave a whistle

and the free agency period began, like a shot of a missile.


But I heard his exclaim before he hung up the phone



Good luck to every ones favorite teams tomorrow, and happy bidding!

(PS. Hope you enjoyed this article!)



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