Which Buffalo Sabres Should Stay, Which Should Go?


I could sit here and write fifty-billion articles on what the Sabres need to do this offseason, so why not just put it all out there at once? This could get fun…


DEREK ROY– [keep] I would like to see what he can do for the next two years. He is signed on for four more seasons, so I would like to see what he can do for us in those years. We can then see what is value is in 2011.

JASON POMINVILLE– [Questionable] If this is the guy we need to get rid of in a trade to acquire some SERIOUS draft picks, or a top notch guy in a package, then by all means trade him. He only had 20 goals last year and needs to produce for the city of Pominville, or they will all be poor and out of jobs.

THOMAS VANEK– [keep] This is an obvious keep unless you’re some crazy fan that wants to deal him for fifty picks and a goalie. He is the center of our franchise and is needed to make a playoff run in the near future.

TIM CONNOLLY– [keep] Timmy, we all love you man, but if you can’t play more than 60 games in a season, its not worth keeping your $4.5 million-a-year contract. He played in 48 games last year and notched 47 points, so he can put points up, but he needs to stay healthy if he wants to stay another year.

JAROSLAV SPACEK– [keep] Try to sign this guy. He is a unrestricted-free-agent, but he did say he wanted to come back to Buffalo and play, so we could possibly get him for little money. He was our  leading scorer on defense last year could repeat those numbers should we sign him this off-season.

DOMINIC MOORE– [questionable] How can you seriously play two whole months without knowing you broke your wrist? Nonetheless, he produced only one goal and three assists as a Sabre.

At the same time, he totaled 13 goals and 32 assists last year. He is good on the draws and is a great penalty killer, so having him could help immensely. We should try to sign him, but we could see him walk out for the best offer, which could be as high as $3 million.

DREW STAFFORD– [leave] Drew put up decent numbers last year but couldn’t find the scoring touch enough in the clutch. It seemed to me that he scored in games when the Sabres were in control, but couldn’t bury his chances when they were down late. He isn’t consistent, and that could come back to bite him in the end.

CLARKE MACARTHUR– [leave] Let’s face it, he is never going to be a top six winger, so why wast our time on him. He is still young at 24 and put up 31 points last year, but that wont cut it. He is the one who sees the boot in my eyes.

PAUL GAUSTAD– [keep] Paul Guastad is probably the only guy, other than Mair and Kaleta, on the Sabres who plays with heart night in and night out. He is a fan favorite in Buffalo and doesn’t have to score a 60 point plus year to be considered good.

He just needs to win face-offs, provide enforcement, and hit to live up to his role on our club. He is a keeper for sure.

JOCHEN HECHT– [leave] Please let Hecht go. He doesn’t help our team at all. Its funny to think that just two years ago he had 50 points. Since he wont help our team, let him go.

DANIEL PAILLE– [keep] Since management has already signed him this off-season, it looks like we won’t be seeing him go anytime soon. This is good because he announced his marriage date just a week ago.

I personally like Paille. He is young, fast, and a very gritty guy who can take the body and crash the net well. I predict him to be a future captain or co-captain, so I like the re-signing of him by the Sabres.

CRAIG RIVET– [keep] He was last years captain. Rivet doesn’t need to score a million points. He needs to enforce his role as a strong checker and look out for our smaller guys to fulfill expectations. However, a 40 point season would be lovely from a guy like him.

TONI LYDMAN– [leave] I am sick of watching Toni stand around the front of the net pivoting in circles whenever the opposing team has the puck in our zone. Toni needs to either find a new team or just retire and go into coaching. Either way, the Sabres should definitely let go of him.

MAXIM AFINOGENOV– [questionable] Max needs a BIG year. This could be a make or break year for him regarding his career. If he can’t step up big and get another 60+ point year, we should let him go or package him up. The only reason I believe he is still here is due to his $3.5 million tag, which can’t sell his 20 point season.

ADAM MAIR– [keep] Mair is a great guy who isn’t afraid to get in someone’s face. He even walks into other teams’ dressing rooms and starts fights with their players and staff! He is good at what he does and understands his role, which is being a rigid fourth line center.

I like Mair and hope the Sabres find a way to keep this guy, which could be hard with enforcers like Kaleta, Guastad, Paille, Mair, and Peters on the roster.

ANDREJ SEKARA– [keep] Andrej played great during his second year with over 35 games played. He produced 19 points last year from the point and is still developing in a faster league, so we haven’t seen him in full effect yet. We could see him play better next year.

TEPPO NUMMINEN– [leave] No one  notified Teppo that it isn’t 1987 anymore. He still rocks the mullet and believes he can produce consistently at age 40. We need to become serious if we want to make a playoff run and keeping this guy around doesn’t cut it. 

HENRIK TALLINDER– [questionable] He played most of last year paired with Lydman, ruining his stats. I admit that his play has declined, but I also believe he can turn it around in 2010 and produce more for this team.

PATRICK KALETA– [keep] Kaleta plays fierce hockey and competes harder than any player in the NHL. He may not hit or pick fights with the right guys at the right time, but you can always expect him to be checking and creating chaos and disruption with the other team every night, which is why I would like him to stay.

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