The Final Strike for the Buffalo Sabres?


The constant debates about the Buffalo Sabres have gotten tiresome. At this point in the season, with the chances of making the playoffs so scarce, there’s really no point in talking about the strengths and weaknesses any longer.

The only thing that’s always going to be debatable is whether or not the Sabres merely underachieved or just gave the residents of Buffalo their very best efforts.

When the team was working and they all gelled together, it would have been quite possible to make a respectable run at the Cup. But now, it is clearly evident that they were destined to fall apart.

It hurts. It burns the city royally. And the only things places like Buffalo and Detroit, two truly struggling cities in the United States, have are their professional sports teams to keep their spirits high.

Hopefully, as always muttered when a season turns out fatal, next year will be better.

But Sabres fans can only hope. Optimism and faith in the management is slowly, but surely fading.

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