Buffalo Sabres Playoff Hunt: Not the End Of the Road Yet, But Action is Required


Once again, Sabres fans are banging their heads against the wall as inconsistency threatens to dash our playoff hopes once again. Some wanted to mark the inability to beat the Senators as our swan-song, however, you must keep these things in mind.

First, it was our third game in four nights, and second in two; a game that Lindy should have placed newest member, Telqvist between the pipes giving Lallime a brief break from action. The veteran instead found himself tired and berated by shots most of the time not close to being stopped by our horrible play in our end of the ice.

Second, Ottawa has our number this year. Every team, even the best, always will face an opponant who no matter how good or bad their record, you just cant win against them. In the past, the Panthers have been that team for us. This year, as in years past, the Sens have been that team as well.

Also, do not forget that no matter how well the Sens do from this point on, they are not making the playoffs.

The Sabres, despite the current position, are still only three points out of the mix, and still have a game at hand. So despite the current picture, the Sabres are actually in a very good position.

Now, with that being said, they will require continued success against the Flyers tonight, and the other teams that are in the current Eastern mix for the playoffs. Buffalo has been quite good with those teams so far, and I will still predict that the faltering teams of the Rangers, and the Canadians, with their coaching issue, will find themselves out when we get to April.

Calm yourselves Buffalonians… after all, not only can the Sabres be back in the playoffs this year, but the Bills even have Terrell Owens. So get your popcorn ready Buffalo. It should be a fun time in sports.

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