Buffalo Sabres-Ottawa Senators: And Even Some Bills


Wow what a difference 24 hours makes, did I ever mention that I hate the Ottawa Senators?  I grew up hating the Bruins and the Flyers mostly.  Although Bobby Orr is to this day my 1A favorite hockey player along side Richard Martin.   It will just always be that way.

Sorry I just don’t want to talk about any part of that game tonight.

I paused the game long enough to listen to the interviews of TO and Russ Brandon.

All I can think about is WOW, TO is a Bill, and the Bills haven’t been able to pull my attention from the Sabres in quite some time.

Just wanted to mention that I am looking forward to seeing Knowing.

TO is a Bill and he is going to line up on the other side of Lee Evans.

James Hardy, you better get healthy quick, this could get interesting.

Trent Edwards time to come of age buddy.  This is it, the best receiving crew your going to see, time to do it.

Marshawn, buddy, tone it down, just a little at least. no plates, tinted windows, blunts and a gun, damn man, even you gotta know better. you have millions and a kick ass bad, have a blast.  That’s just begging to get busted.

The Buffalo Bills better see about investing in an Offensive Lineman or five. 

Jason Peters needs to step it up, play out his contract and leave if he wants to , but PLAY it out.

OK, still pissed about that Sabres game, but what are you gonna do. Still a lot of hockey to be played.  Next up: the Flyers Tuesday on Versus.

Too bad nobody watches.

Go Sabres!

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