Sabres-Coyotes and Some Random Thoughts


Some random thoughts while watching the Sabres and Coyotes… (on DVR, unfortunately)

Tonight started with noticing Max break two shifts in a row short.  Not over extending which I know was part of the reason he has been in Lindy’s doghouse.  But what’s so bad about stretching a shift here and there anyway? 

Here is what I came up with:

20-30 second shifts: Keeping them shorter keeps your lungs from going into overdrive, allowing each shift to be as powerful as the last.  It takes you less time for you to be ready for that next shift as well.  Be ready to jump when a break presents itself, and it will. Usually when a person is stuck on a…

45-60 second shift, you probably feel pretty good dumping that puck in a second time at the 25 second mark of your shift, you want to go for it and make something happen so…

You dump it in, and turn on the jets, only three quarters of the way there the juice is gone, and the D has the puck, now you can’t change, your dead tired, chasing the puck like a bone, here is where goals and penalties happen, and the team with the guys who have only been on the for ice 20 seconds scoring the goals.

Enough chalkboard BS, I havn’t played hockey since I was 16, I am old enough to remember the ’74-’75 finals and the two All-Star games that followed, but I love the Sabres and definitely have my opinions. 

I want to talk to the hockey fans who can eat it, breathe, live it, sleep it, but still are able to have a rational thought. I think I am a seriously diehard Sab’s fan, but I guess as I grow older I can watch and maintain some perspective when they lose.

Don’t get me wrong, they can drive me nuts, I don’t think they should have missed the playoffs last year, and I damn sure don’t think they should miss it this year. When they listen to Lindy and PLAY WITHIN THE SYSTEM good things happen, and oh yeah, see above KEEP THE SHIFTS SHORT.

~Moore looked like he was trying too hard, but I like the looks of him.

~Hecht – Pommer- Goose should be one dangerous line.

~WOW am I glad they signed Lalime this offseason.

~Holy cow, look at Max lay out for that block attempt.

~Sekera owes Connolly one for that goal, he should take him out to dinner.

~I started to say there are only a few basics a team has to follow to be an incredible hockey TEAM. But then I realized that a few really doesn’t cover, I am interested to see what any readers have to add to this list. (Subject to change at a moment’s notice, and will be edited with any additions.):

Beat them to the puck EVERY TIME.
Win the One on One battles
Crash the net, ugly goals count just as much
Stick up for your teammates, even if they are wrong
and oh yeah, my biggest pet peeve…

I’m telling you, if he stays healthy, the Sabres got Timmy CHEAP.

Really, Harry had to go back and analyze Tallinder’s penalty? Heard in Rick’s voice right away, even as I was saying oh, crap.

I am really really happy to have Lalime here.

I have heard people ask how one guy can make a difference coming back into the lineup,  Vanek has been out for a while and the Sabres have looked ordinary.  Tommy comes back, and they are a power again. 

Why again, is that?  Back in the lineup, back in front of the net, where he KNOWS how to play, back to oops, two guys keeping one eye each on Vanek cruising through, leaves the extra three feet for the pass from Connolly to Spacek.

I know on one of Connolly’s goals tonight Tommy was flat on his back beside the net. Vanek makes the No. 1 line WAY better, he is shooting over 19 percent on the year for cripes sake.

But that in turn makes EVERY OTHER line that much better, leaving one of the weakest in the press box (sorry, Clarke). He hasn’t scored yet, but who cares, he will and in bunches like normal.

Something tells me Max wants to stay in the lineup.

Don’t these guys realize the best way to protect a lead is to be in the offensive zone?

Damn, Kaleta is pain, and there is no way he should have gotten a penalty there. Well, maybe.

Thanks Wayne, I hope we don’t blow another 5-on-3.

How are three guys getting that much pressure at the blue line?

Nice shot Jason, glad the D-man was sweating Vanek (see what I mean) (Edit: on the 5-on-3, right after it looked like we wouldn’t even break their zone)

Now that was some pretty passing, looked like hot potato (Edit: This was on Stafford’s goal, second of the power play)

10 goals in two games, I could get used to this again.

Now that’s what I call a DUMB penalty, we really should score again just for Jovo being a dumbass.

Good Game, was fun watching them set Connolly up at the end. 

They have to play like this EVERY game, no excuses.

Ottawa always worries me, damn them. But it’s our time to make a move and it’s two points we have to get.  Go Sabres!  More tomorrow.

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