Buffalo’s 2-0 Baby….This Week at Least


I guess it’s true what they say; 4.5 M per for a couple years provides a little kick in the ass. In the case of Tim Connolly, amidst rumors of a possible trade, and many fans calling for the trade, a new contract has proved just that.

While only two games after the trade deadline, and dangerously close to must-win territory, they’re 2-0. In those two games, the Sabres have notched 10 goals and gave up only two.

Lalime has not only started and won both games, due to Miller’s injury, but has stopped 67 shots. That doesn’t bode well for Buffalo’s D, but I’ll take two goals on 67 shots any day!

Connolly meanwhile has two goals and three assists in the same time. Not too shabby for a guy who was unsure of his future only a few days ago.

With seven teams within five points of each other in the playoff race, every win is crucial as it seems the competition not letting off.

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