New York Rangers Give Up A Lot, But Playoffs Still In Doubt


Glen Sather has given up some of the future in an effort to make the playoffs in 2009.   It’s been a long season for the Rangers, one where they started very strong, and then have faded so much they are barely in a playoff spot with 20 games to go.  In what may be Sather’s last season as GM (he is a rich man, and can’t imagine he can be bothered to live through the mess he has created), and he is clearly trying to do what it takes to save the season. 

The gambit may well fail, as Pittsburgh is very likely to pass the Rangers in the standings with the addition of Guerin. Buffalo has also strengthened with Dominic Moore, the goaltending depth, and the confirmation that Connoly is staying. 

The Rangers gave up a second-round pick and a conditional pick, quite possibly in the second or third round if Antropov signs a new contract. Antropov is a free agent come the summer. New York also gave up three players for Derek Morris, who is also a free agent in a few months. 

One of the players is Petr Prucha, who still has potential for a long productive career. They also gave up cap space for the next three years for claiming Sean Avery; they are responsible for half of his hefty contract.

Ranger fans will be happy to see the moves, but there is a very good chance that the team misses the playoffs and will look back on this week as one that screwed the team, leaving them stuck with Redden and his contract and doomed to mediocrity for the next few years.

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