Buffalo Fans Are Fed Up With Management


March 2nd, 2009

(7:00 p.m. EST)

Buffalo, NY: A tale of two seasons between the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills are on the verge of chaos and disgrace for Buffalo fans. Tempers are flaring as I sit here at my kitchen table listening to WGR550 AM Buffalo Sports talk, agreeing with fans, and radio hosts complaining about management in Buffalo.

Buffalo has yet to see the Bills or the Sabres win a Championship, simply because our management has yet to make moves on trade deadlines and to make a push toward the playoffs by adding players.

Buffalo fans are known as some of the loyalist, and are paying for a product to perform and win whether it’s on the ice or field. Fans are furious with the GM’s of the Sabres and Bills not doing enough to make fans happy and to make their teams better to compete for a championship.

The loss of Vanek and Miller is no excuse for the Sabres to become slumpers in the NHL as of late, since Lalime has stepped up and the offense has not produced in front of him.

Vanek, in fact by reaction to Buffalo fans, should have nursed his jaw while playing as other players in the NHL do the same, especially if your on a team such as the Buffalo Sabres who need all the offense you can get.

Moves by the trade deadline tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST for the Buffalo Sabres is a big must for management to regain trust of Buffalo fans, or expect more opinionated fans, and a drop in ticket sales for the once predominant franchise after the NHL lockout.

Check out all the latest news on trades and acquisitions of the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills as the next 24 hours become tense for Buffalo, by tuning into WGR550 AM radio, or online at WGR550.com, Buffalo’s sports radio and the Sabres flagship station.

                                                                                        -Bobby Giambra-

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