What Will Brian Burke Do?


The Toronto Maple Leafs are coming off of four straight Overtime/Shootout wins. Playing strong in the last month. Jason Blake is playing his best hockey as a Maple Leaf in the last two months, and Dominic Moore is playing his best hockey in his whole career.

Most of the team is also playing better, and Kaberle is finally back from his injury that kept him away for more then a month.

Everything is starting to click, Vesa Toskala and yes even Curtis Joseph are playing much better in between the pipes. The teams Defence is almost 100 percent healthy, which hasn’t been seen since the beginning of the season when they had over 10 qualified defencemen fighting for a spot.

Even Jamal Mayers has had a two-goal week.

The Leafs at this point are sitting just seven points out of the playoffs. What will Brian Burke do?

We know that JFJ and management were buyers for the first two years, while still sitting out of the playoffs, but trying to make it. Then last year decided to be sellers while still in the same conundrum.

Though last year we had captain Mats Sundin leading the Muskoka five with a no trade front. Choosing to stay with team, and trying to decide their own fate, which was just barely missing the playoffs once again.

The goal from the beginning of the year was to rebuild, everyone knew what the goal was, play the younger players, let the Mitchell’s, the Schenn’s, the Grabovski’s and the Kulemin’s play more ice time in the NHL.

Well the Leafs are falling into the same problem this year. Playing like a team, working hard, on a really nice streak, looking into the playoffs.

As I sit here, yelling at the top of my lungs, “NOT AGAIN, NOT AGAIN !!!” I’ve cheered for this team for 28 years, wanting them to win, and only watching them lose, the last three hard years, and never reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in my lifetime.

I want them to achieve the only real dream, the Cup. I’ve been cheering with Tank Nation since day one this whole season, and pulling my hair out when they win.

It’s the same thing their captain chose to do last season,  what they are doing now, playing hard to win games. At most moments in the season, their did look at many times that they were intentionally losing games on purpose, leading in games and falling apart in the end. Was this the team as well with Tank Nation?

Or just playing the usual roller coaster of a season.

I leave now, as we stay tuned to Brian Burke to see how he sorts this mess out, as he goes into the trade deadline with the same problem that they’ve had before.


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